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Pasty is in daily life such popularity, basically have a few large dominant positions namely, be the delicate mouthfeel, rich nutrition, method that make respectively is simple etc. Cheat inside especially with northeast area, the sales volume of pasty should exceed a steamed bread even, of course pasty is delicious, have very big concern with the choice of pasty stuffing. So, why the pie that some people make is very soft, the pie that some people make is very good, is this why?

How is the face of pasty mixed softer?

One, cool do not send hard pasty way

Recipe: Flour 1000 grams, white sugar 20 grams (saline taste adds salt 5 grams) , yeasty 10 grams, remove ghee gram of 50 grams, 10-20 of bubble much source, Wen Shui 500 grams.

Craft: bubble much source works equably mix in flour, yeast uses Wen Shuirong solution to join flour, will remove ghee to lukewarm thermosol is changed and enter an areaShanghai Long Feng forum

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Pink. White sugar joins Wen Shuirong to solve, in rejoin flour, mix dough, still wake hair 3-6 hour. Next, hold tight becomes small dough, press into cake, the bag enters meat stuffing or element stuffing, after holding a mouth, press again pressureNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Into pasty, decoct is baked to squashy and golden color can.

How is the face of pasty mixed softer?

2, small hang:

1, with initiative pink, the effect good; that the effect sends than common flour

2, after the area has been sent, need not small area. (Oil is wiped on chopping board, rolling pole, hand, did not touch) ;

3, a few oil are put in baking pan, oil became much it is deepfry pasty;

4, have in the two sides of cake thin after thin creak, make tea a few water, build boiler shell, wait for water to burn after working, cake writtened guarantee creak, can give boiler.

How is the face of pasty mixed softer?

3, knead dough has what method

Dough made with boiling water: Very hot1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The face is to use boiling water knead dough, the edge adds water edge agitate, wait for a bit cool hind knead synthetic group, redo becomes of all kinds food.

Unleavened dough: Unleavened dough, use the face that cold water shows and uses now namely, this kind of face is able to bear or endure quite boil, mouthfeel interest, have chew interest, these two kinds of faces digest unleavened dough and dough made with boiling water not quite easily, blood sugar index is low, so the diabetic can eat, obese person also can choose.

Leaven dough: Leaven dough is to point to to yeast is joined inside dough, it is certain to be in below condition of lukewarm, humidity, make yeast progenitive produce gas, make dough expand. Leaven dough is nutrient value is highest. Additive yeast is called ” extraction never-failing nutrition cause ” . The pasty mouthfeel of leaven dough is soft, fleeciness. Accordingly, the person with bad intestines and stomach, person with the digestive younger function such as children and old people, suit to have leaven dough moreFall in love with the sea

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. I am preferred those who use is half leaven dough. Need not wait already very time will ferment, can eat the pie of entrance soft again. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Half leaven dough, namely dough ferments degree ferments normally only the half of degree. The steamed stuffed bun that famous Tianjin dog pays no attention to is used half leaven dough.

When making pie, it is a yeast and dough of flour knead dough hind, wake 20 minutes, it is OK to make pie directly, face skin loves heat hind slowly in boiler, can be sent, made pie tastes mouthfeel soft, fleeciness and delicious.

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