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Small basket bag everybody likes this kind of cate very much eat, and what have distinguishing feature most is small the stuffing stuff of basket bag has a lot of sort, this is meant small the flavour of basket bag is very rich, accord with masses taste. If be being made in the home nevertheless, stress a lot of skill with respect to need, stuffing expects nature need not say more, a lot of friends can be done very well. The most crucial is knead dough, so, small basket bag flour how knead dough?

Small basket bag flour how knead dough?

Small basket bag knead dough is detailed move is as follows:

1, the yeast that will buy (the supermarket has sell) one smooth spoon is put in half bowls of Wen Shuizhong, mix is even, to ” slimy soup ” about.

2, with above ” slimy soup ” knead dough, to feel comfortable. (The degree of knead dough is ” 3 smooth policy ” namely: The basin is face light, hand light, smooth. )

3, place the place in warmth to ferment. A dough can be caught to look carefully at after spending period of time, if beehive state already was become in dough, have a lot of small empty, the specification already had been sent.

Patulous data:

The note of leaven dough:

1, leaven dough, add a few white sugar, can shrink if; of bingle ferment time puts a bit brine or beer (beer and water each half) harmonic, the steamed bread that evaporate comes out is loose all the more.

2, the temperature with optimum leaven dough is 27 ~ 30 degrees. Dough falls in this temperature, 2 ~ can ferment 3 hours successful. To reach this temperature, according to the change of climate, the temperature with water can make leaven dough be adjusted appropriately.

Small basket bag flour how knead dough?

Changzhou is small basket bag

Of contemporary form small basket bag traceable is clear the Changzhou government office between acting path light-year (referenced ” Changzhou chorography ” ) , have 10 thousand in ancient times China, latter-day have greet laurel, the Changzhou person nowadays knows, eat small basket bag should arrive ” greet laurel ” (the Xiaobao that greet laurel child) .

Company of the tea that greet laurel is founded 1911, because run do sth in the proper way, pay attention to quality and make its famed far and near, deep1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Suffer a citizen to love. The product is had ” the skin is thin transparent, thick gravy rich, crab is sweet tangy, fat and not be bored with, juice full-bodied, meat stuffing is fresh and tender ” characteristic.

Complementary with sweet vinegar, tender ginger, gust is much better, can calls Changzhou a special skill. Was judged to be city high grade product 1985, enroll ” Jiangsu saves fastfood cookbook ” , was labelled by government of Changzhou city people 1990Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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One of 10 names dots.

Small basket bag flour how knead dough?

Add crab small basket bag is Changzhou is passed seasonallyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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All gust is fastfood, annual around of the Mid-autumn Festival, during sweet-scented osmanthus blooms, appear on the market supply. Add crab small basket bag, make add crab steamed stuffed bun so. Steamed stuffed bun, ancient say ” steamed bread ” , changzhou person also calls his the steamed bread.

Small basket bag is divided again along with date, right set, add crab 3 kinds. “Along with date ” do not add crab oil namely, “To setting ” namely one basket steamed stuffed bun has 6 to just add crab, additionally 6 are to be not addedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Crab is oily, “Add crab ” add crab oil entirely namely.

One basket steamed stuffed bun weighs one guest again, so old Changzhou person eats small basket bag often cries so: “Two settle or live in a strange places are right set “Shanghai Long Feng forum

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. Or: “10 guests add crab, I should take Shanghai to go whoop. ” old hall taking a settle or live in a strange place eats to be able to be nodded only commonly ” to setting ” , often eat a guest to think:

Eat the steamed stuffed bun that add crab to have onlyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Along with a date, clip that add crab beautiful move eats, what just can experience crab adequately is delicious, if you always eat those who add crab, the taste in the mouth meets some slow, more and more the feeling is less than the little taste of crab. Can arise so ” to setting ” the name of this kind of established by usage.