[flesh of head of sheep of braise in soy sauce] how does _ of practice of _ braise in soy sauce make –

Article introduction

Ovine head flesh is tenderer place, bone is very few also, besides have skin, still have hotpot, going up from mouthfeel also is very marvellous, the flesh on ovine face is not very much, but a lot of people love to eat very much however, want to notice when do nevertheless, have souse only not just or bittern is boiled, still can make pork of head of sheep of braise in soy sauce, want to notice a method only when do, return the process that have even if does, such word can let food become more delicious.

 Flesh of head of sheep of braise in soy sauce

Practice of flesh of authentic braise in soy sauce


Steaky pork 1 jin,

Complementary makings: BigShanghai night net

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Green (cut paragraph of) , garlic () of entire segment or section, jiang Pian, chinese prickly ash, fennel, cassia bark, do chili, dried tangerine or orange peel, sweet leaf, aniseed,

Condiment: White sugar, salt, gallinaceous essence, cooking wine, mature vinegar, old smoke


1. steaky pork cuts 1 centimeter of square, had better take a skin.

Oil is put in 2. boilerForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, heat hind puts white sugar, fry bubbly till, enter the flesh that has cut, complementary makings, conflagration explodes fry 1 minute.

3. joins right amount condiment by individual taste: Salt, gallinaceous essence, cooking wine, mature vinegar, often smoke. Add water to flood fleshy conflagration boil finally.

3. conflagration is burned turn lid of boiler of small fire lid boils 1 hour, submit ropy form till soup, open conflagration to stop boiling water, retroflexion with scoop ceaselessly, lest do boiler, shang Zhishou is wash-and-wear and OK involve igneous boil in a covered pot over a slow fire can.

The family of flesh of braise in soy sauce makes a method


Steaky pork 500 grams, green 30 grams, ginger 20 grams, garlic 20 grams, aniseed 5 valve, Chinese prickly ash 5 grams, cassia bark 5 grams, salt 4 grams, candy 15 grams, soy 20 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, clear water oily a few of right amount, edible.

 Flesh of head of sheep of braise in soy sauce


1, steaky pork is abluent, those who cut 4 centimeters of square piece reserveLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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2, green cuts paragraphs big, ginger section, garlic has pared reserve.

3, good with portfolio of gauze general aniseed, Chinese prickly ash, laurel seal good mouth to reserve.

4, a few oil is made in boiler, cool oily nowadays is fried slowly with scoop into white sugar make.

5, the candy in boiler becomes cardinal when boil enters the soy, steaky pork that falls to had been cut.

6, keep stir-fry before stewing fries steaky pork to wrap divide evenly and give oil slightly to candy color.

7, fall to be controlled into 60 degrees1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Lukewarm Shui Zhigang has done not have the flesh very much.

8, the next cooking wine, conflagration after putting flavor to wrap is done.

9, fire of the decrescent that build a shell is stewed slowly to steaky pork 9 maturity.

10, after flavorring into salt and a few candy, add stew reachs afterwards steaky pork is loose tasty.

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, collect go flavor bag, conflagration goes to Shang Zhishou Gong Liang is thick stiff can give boiler edible.

Xiao hang

1, the stir-fry before stewing of 6 pairs of steaky pork fries measure is to make finished product more popular alcohol is delicious, cannot omit.

2, measure 7 entering Wen Shui stew is to make the flesh is not sent close, want to notice to hold.

3, 9 maturity flavor again also is for finished product more loose sweet tender.

Hotpot of braise in soy sauce


Take Pi Yang to discharge two jins half, green, ginger, garlic, garlic sprouts leaf, chinese prickly ash a small, aniseed, cassia bark, sweet leaf, cooking wine, often smoke, unripe smoke, gallinaceous essence, salt


1, hotpot rinses water of clean surface blood with going from place to place water, put in big basin, immerse half hours with clear water, water is changed 3 times two during, after bubble gives the hematic water in hotpot, abluent drop is dry reserve.

2, clear water is put in boiler, hotpot cold water leaves boiler, in conflagration, do not build top, after be being boiled, small fire boils 5 minutes again.

3, the hotpot fish out after scald water, the water that uses flow is rinsed clean, drop works.

4, garlic sprouts cuts Duan Jiang to pat broken, green knot, it is good that garlic, sweet leaf, aniseed, cassia bark and Chinese prickly ash put tea to wrap in bags (wrap without tea in the home bag in falling to be put into boiler directly)

5, a few oil are put to burn heat in boiler, explode garlic of sweet green ginger.

 Flesh of head of sheep of braise in soy sauce

6, enter hotpot piece stir-fry before stewing to fry a fragrance.

7, add full amount water, had done not have hotpot.

8, join two spoon cooking wine.

9, join two spoon to often be smoked, one spoon is unripe smoke.

10, put measure (4) flavor bag.

11, put one spoon crystal sugar. The boiler on the lid is built, small fire turns after conflagration is boiled, stew boils two hours left and right sides to come hotpot is completely crisp sodden tasty.

12, open a lid to turn conflagration receives hoosh juice, add essence of a bit chicken and flavor of mix up of a few salt, leaf of Sa Shangqing garlic, the boiler on the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire one minute (such garlic sprouts Xie Genglu Xie Gengxiang) , open a lid to give boiler.