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The orange is Qiu Dong’s seasonal common fruit, in this moment about tangerineShanghai Long Feng forum

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Child breed also has a lot of, have a plenty of big orange, have a plenty of small orange, orange has the effect that embellish lung relieves a cough, the action about orange also isForum of Shanghai night net

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Very extensive, above all, orange can alleviate suffer from excessive internal heat, embellish lung, can achieve the effect of recuperation to each respects of the body again, orange skin does not want to desertion, use rise have very high value.

Does orange skin treat cough

How does bright orange skin treat cough

Bright orange skin treats the methodological introduction of cough

1, the person of easy get angry eats less

Although orange is good, even because of the person different, to at ordinary times the person of very easy get angry, when coughing namely also eat less as far as possible, lest be heated up inside generation and head cold, cough.

2, orange embellish lung

Overall for, eat some of orange in the winter kind the fruit is better. Because it contains a lot ofrich vitamin C, can help tone use system of human body immunity, precaution catchs a cold. But, small orange also does not eat more, a day of 3-5 the vitamin that with respect to enough contented and round-the-clock place needs. And, orange is different from orange and grapefruit, its sex is tepid, eat much easy inside hot, meeting occurrence talking around gives birth to sore, pharynx and larynx to do the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat such as painful, constipation.

Does orange skin treat cough

3, orange can eat during cough

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In traditional medicine, white is meshy inside tangerine skin tangerine pith is flavour Chinese traditional medicine, have clear pharynx to arrange the effect of fire of gas, expectorant Qing Dynasty, can alleviate the symptom that takes orange suffer from excessive internal heat.

4, tangerine skin relieves a cough square:

Tangerine skin congee

Burn in congee before boiling, put a few small clean orange skins, after waiting for congee to thoroughly cook, not only balmy and goluptious and appetizing, suit a bosom especially abdominal distension full or cough is phlegmy much person.

Tangerine skin soup

With dry tangerine skin 5 grams, add water after soup of 2 cups of decoct, put a few Jiang Mo, brown sugar to take the advantage of heat to take, can relieve a cough.

Tangerine skin tea

Desirable also bright tangerine skin is right amount, mincing hind develop bubble with boiled water, join drink of white sugar acting tea, have expectorant the effect that relieve a cough.

Treat the other secret recipe of cough

One, Xue Li

Common fruit, because the flesh is tender,be like snow in vain, reason gets a name. Contain the microelement such as malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, B2, C, carotene.

Embellish lung principle: White enters lung, reason white food has to lung maintain effect. Portion of snow pear water is large, quality slightly cold, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid moisten the respiratory tract, clear thermalization is phlegmy.

2, tremella

Tremella of division of true fungus tremella belongs to a plant, have the good name of the coronal ” in ” bacterium. The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, weak, avirulent. Nourishing beautiful tastes the nutrition with rare since, it is Fu Zhengjiang’s strong invigorator.

Embellish lung principle: It is white food together, tremella sex is more lukewarm embellish, suit style more than Xue Li the person with cold or bad intestines and stomach, enrage the action of clear bowel benignantly again at the same time.

Does orange skin treat cough

3, honey

The nectar that the bee collects from inside the flower of the flowerer is in honeycomb in brew the honey that make. The composition of honey besides dextrose, fructose kind still contain all sorts of vitamins, mineral with amino acid.

Embellish lung principle: The dextrose of honey and fructose, human body is absorbed the most easily, still contain a variety of inorganic with close of chroma of human body serumA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Salt, organic acid and microelement, sexual flavour pleasant, smooth, enter lienal, lung, large intestine classics, have alimentary, Fall in love with the sea

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Moisten the respiratory tract, alexipharmic effect, commonly used cough at treating lobar dry.

4, yam

Vivacious herb, root tuber is cylindrical, contain a large number of starch and protein, still have the part such as vitamin, adipose, choline, and iodicForum of Shanghai night net

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, the inorganic salt with the indispensable human body such as calcic, iron, phosphor and microelement.

Embellish lung principle: The ” of mixture ” sticky albumen that contains protein of a kind of polysaccharide, have special sanitarian effect to human body, fill lienal raise kidney of beneficial of stomach, filling lung.