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Citric yam is a kind very delicate fastfood, but the practice of yam of Dai flavour lemon does not knowSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Path everybody is familiar, person of some of this kind of practice does not like some people however. Although lemon is very acerbity, but contain a lot ofvitamin C however, it is one of fruits with rich nutrition, but too acerbity much uses mouthfeel at burden to make all sorts of drink, and yam of Dai flavour lemon is the cate that a lot of people love, specific use feed material and measure to understand through the following content.

 The practice of yam of Dai flavour lemon

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Yam 300g

Lemon 2

Saline 5g

The method that make

1, yam cuts silk, with starch of clear water scour off.

2, oil is burned 7 into heat, enter yam silk and lemon piece, add salt to break up fry 2 minutes can.

The practice of citric yam, need what material

With makings potato lemon of 4 moderate volume 1/4 rosemary 4 thyme leaves of two Zhi Xiantian basil two orange flavour is peppery honey of two big spoon olive oil of 4 big spoon is right amount garlic 5 valve salt is right amount

 The practice of yam of Dai flavour lemon

Citric rosemary bakes the practice of potato

According to oneself taste picks good herb, I am dozen of top that I raise come down to look at do look for a tank, enumerated all condiment are together first smooth (garlic should be squeezed into mud, like particularly can lose a few to go in thoroughly again) , put be buried ancient stemmed cup or bowl after mix is even, potato tile is being baked dish on, brush the rest of juice inside container with wool brush potato face, scatter finallyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Go up sweetgrass.

Fluctuation fire 220 degrees 90 minutes, to 60 minutes when had better take break up turn over, situation of each one oven is different, want colour and lustre finally only golden, of toothpick jab had calculated easily.

Small Tie Shichen flavour is peppery it is Citron Pepper, do not know home has sell, bake what flesh anyway delicious.

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Is fabaceous practice how?

Raw material of lemon juice potato: Potato is 50 grams, white the beans is 50 grams, green sword bean is a few of dish of 50 grams, chicken feather, citric half, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Dressing a few.


① potato, Bai Dou enters boiler to boil, boil hind boils 30 minutes again, until crisp sodden till, take out drop doing to reserve;

② green sword bean goes muscle, cut paragraph, drop of scald water, fish out does;

Dish of ③ general chicken feather is ironed with the water of scald sword bean can;

④ waits for above 4 kinds of raw material are cooling, drench on lemon juice, impose candy, salt and fine of a bit chicken, mix slightly, plus a few ice cube, OK the desk on end.

 The practice of yam of Dai flavour lemon

Little hint:

① irons the water of sword bean to want to put salt, iron the sword bean lubricious blueness that come out so, can float otherwise yellow;

Be soiled of ② this dish half hours, taste is better.

This delicate the phosphor that every 100 grams contain 40 milligram tomato patch, the carotene that green sword bean contains 220 milligram, Bai Dou contains rich calcium to pledge.