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Recently, girl of a fitness causes Russia heat is discussed. This 24 years oldLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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one year jian hou mian sends girl fitness to present hoar actually, appearance is anile also a lot of. Everything passes still notA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Reach, too be obsessed with fitness to be afraid cannot preserve one’s health, return meeting pole fast use up vitality to bring about body consenescence. FitnessFall in love with the sea

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Want do according to one’s abilities, does one person move everyday how many best?

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Gymnastical girl causes heat to discuss, because her fitness lets her after a year,appear anile only many, as the old lady. Recently, strong and handsome girl is in 24 years old of one RussiaFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
The gymnastical effect that gives oneself one year to come is basked in on gregarious website, however, photograph of this group of fitness causes heat to discuss on the net however. Bask in the picture that give to be able to see from her, fitness her after a year, the hair becomes ashen, appearance becomes anile many, how to look unlike has woman of 24 years old only.

Can see from the photograph, the muscle line of her body really more apparent, nevertheless her hair became hoar unexpectedly.

To this circumstance, a lot of netizens think this is her excessive ” destroy ” the omen of own body, bring about her to look now so essential with respect to unlike appearance of 24 years old of this some. Still the netizen expresses, if do not see a face, do not know she is really female.

Nevertheless strong and handsome him young lady expresses this Russia however, healthy state need not everybody is afraid, oneself hair also problem of it doesn’t matter, before resembling euqally good.

Preserve one’s health of athletic fitness health care is common sense, but why this girl exercises an a suit muscle, decline quickly actually old hair is ashen, look like 60 years old of old ladies, what circumstance is this? Why to move older more?

The netizen thinks she this is excessive take exercise, excessive destroy him body causes body organ, tissue rapid consenescence. Although motion is healthful, in every case is going too far as bad as not going far enough, of the person exercise a quantity to should decide according to the bear ability of the body, can bear only take exercise 30 minutes to move 30 minutes, can run one hour one hour, must not flaunt his superiority, first-class rate of motion is athletic hind feels some are tired today, but still can continue the following day body building, if the following day already tired to cannot continue to show you alreadyForum of Shanghai night net

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