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Article introduction

Loach is a kind of food that a lot of people in our life like, but food is undeserved after the female is pregnant appear easily abortive phenomenon, the metropolis is exceedingly afraid when so a lot of females are eating loach, do next pregnancy understand to be able to eat together below.

Loach has the branch of sanded Qiu, true Qiu, yellow Qiu, have in the fresh water of our country each district distributing, the dead water ground floor that often lives in paddy field, pond, conduit is silty in, happy event feed plankton, small-sizedFall in love with the sea

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Be pregnant can eat loach

Can eat. The nutrient value of loach is very high, pregnant woman is eatable. But must eat ripe, when stewing, remember putting a few ginger, eat raw have helminth.

Although a lot of food do not suit pregnant woman edible, but also do not want too too nervous, the introduction to loach is above, the hope brings more helps to pregnant female function, such ability assure fetal normal growth.