Casual ask for trouble! PC edition ” final illusion 15 ” the pure dragon that belong to black

From ” final illusion 15 ” announce to cross PS4 of platform put on sale and XboxOne edition to rise at the same time, player and media guess RPG of this day type exceeds your work to also will roll out PC edition, after all, more and more game had begun to change PC to platform, and work of final illusion series also can land PC all the time, the closest even famous game also listed even store of locksmith GameStop network of PC edition ” final illusion 15 ” , come from newest message to show however, it is the fault of casual this.

Before this, gameStop network store is publicized ” final illusion 15 ” when, the mark of PC was made in advertisement, when watching this ad again today, did not have the model of written characters of PC however. To this, the explanation that SquareEnix government gives out is: The information of PC edition is wrong, we do not have the announcement of hereon at present.