Zhang Jun of Xia Xuan lustre holds the post of Guo Yu odd doubles bishop drills post of former Li Yongbo cancels

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Netease sports reported on April 27:

Leave off his post from Li Yongbo after the message of total coach of Chinese feather team is announced, about group of Guo Yu’s coach adjust suffer each to just pay close attention to fully all the time. It is reported, national sports total bureau pings 阿拉爱上海同城

a center is formal announce external, pass Chinese feather assist trainer committee is recommended, via making an on-the-spot investigation, you Xiaxuan lustre, Zhang Jun holds the position of group of singles of national feather team and doubles group bishop to drill respectively, wang Wei holds the position of 2 teams bishop to drill.

Xia Xuan lustre

Xia Xuan of 39 years old lustre ever was brunt of male single of national feather team, ceng Huo is gotten world bright and beautiful上海龙凤论坛

surpassed champion 2003, 2000 bronze medal of male single of Sydney Olympic Games, after retiring, stay in national group to teach, lin Dan and a surname dragon his door issues out. Zhang Jun this year 40 years old, ever was national feather doubles fine athlete, 2000, partner tall obtains Sydney Olympic Games to mix Shuang Guanjun; 2004, success of champion of crown of double match halfback is mixed in badminto上海贵族宝贝交流区

n of Athenian Olympic Games; Rose on October 13, 2008, begin to hold the 上海同城对对碰交友社区

position of bishop of group of men’s doubles of national feather team to drill.

If say the replace of Xia Xuan lustre belongs to more low-key word, of Zhang Jun assume office to carry in Liyaoao just can end to be troubled by bubbling with noisely, when delegacy of elite of Chinese Olympic Games visits Chinese Hong Kong at that time, replace Li Yongbo to visit by Zhang Jun namely, subsequently he will replace Malaysia media exposure Li Yongbo.

Zhang Jun ever picked gold to carry off for China on Olympic Games history first mix double gold in Sydney with tall .

But in fact, whole framework setting of Guo Yu has many new change, the most important is the total train station that holds a post before Li Yongbo, reach deputy total coach not answer existence, create doubles group and singles group bishop’s experienced post, tian Bingyi of former deputy total coach and bell wave part unit the adviser with these two other groups. According to coterie person divulge, do not set total coach after one duty, will by ping Lei Jun is in charge of a central director directly.

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