The harden that the calf gallops uncover secret: Hire purchase is coequal concept suffer chase after hold in both hands

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ispatch Zhou Wuhu is deep on July 21 two city in pairs is low leave, shanghai points to get bank and certificate business board piece walk along low be a burden on to maintain concussion to move, dish in although break up for many times red but rebound lack of power, draw near end dish 上海千花网龙凤论坛

drop expand somewhat. Do poineering work board point to dish first上海千花网龙凤论坛

rush quickly to come high 1700 a little bit around fall after a rise, afternoon be issued to lower levels dish the face breaks up green, but with small go up the newspaper closes. This week, shanghai shows whole goes up 0.48% , week K line comes true 5 Lian Yang.

Up to closing quotation, shanghai points to a newspaper 3237.98 a little bit, drop 6.88 a little bit, drop 0.21% , clinch a deal 222 billion yuan; Become greatly point to a newspaper 10364.82 a little bit, drop 2.16 a little bit, drop 0.02% , clinch a deal 222.1 billion yuan; Do poineering work board newspaper 1690.15 bits, go up 1.54 a little bit, go up 0.09% , clinch a deal 40.98 billion yuan.

Dish on the face, fujian from新上海贵族宝贝论坛

trade division, liquor, artificial intelligence, can light the concept such as ice active, car truckload, coal, war industry, environmental protection board piece go up a house before; Business of bank, certificate, steely, coloured, home appliance, content shedding, electric power board piece reach second new, the concept such as rare earth permanent magnetism drop a house before.

The analysis thinks, after gigantic shake of Zhou Yi grail, the second line such as steely, coal, coloured is blue prepare relay safe, bank, become the market to go up new propeller, relay of Zhou Si estate, electric power rises, shanghai points to answer completely fill to jumped on April 17 vacant mouth. Subject matter once more active, and arrange as the callback of weight index, zhou Wuhu points to present concussion situation, in small achieve expression to be shown a bit strong. The Central Bank presents the position that capital flows into completely again now, but foreign capital expression is more and more careful, present small effluent position, together with now is Zhou Wu, the market to day is new Saturday an emission problem existence misgive, those who go against an index is farther on attack, the market does much enthusiasm to be decreased greatly.

[harden uncover secret]

[dispatch of 9 ministries and commissions accelerates development housing to rent the market] 365 nets country is achieved new and high

Harden reason uncovers secret: Recently, housing is urban and rural construction ministry develops innovation jointly with the country appoint, total bureau of Wu of bank of ministry of natural resources of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of finance, land, people, duty, industrial and commercial inspect of total bureau, card is met waited for 8 branches to combine print and distribute ” what about be in population flows into completely is big medium city, the city in asking what flow into completely in population is big, accelerate development housing to rent the market.

[artificial intelligence policy is released] Aisidu

Harden reason uncovers secret: The State Council is formal program of strategy of artificial intelligence of new generation of print and distribute. Plan to put forward, to 2020 advanced level of artificial intelligence technology and world is synchronous; To 2030, china becomes center of innovation of world main artificial intelligence, society of intelligent economy, intelligence obtains apparent effect, lay important foundation to ascend the body achieves new-style nation front row and economic power, dimensions of industry of artificial intelligence core exceeds 1 trillion yuan, drive relevant industry dimensions to exceed 10 trillion yuan.

[the card that be lifted by violet smooth group] Shandong gold peaceful

Harden reason uncovers secret: 20 days of late announcement weigh Shandong gold peaceful, came on Feburary 25, 2016 during July 18, 2017, accumulative total of violet smooth group buys company share completely 7.35 million, hold company total capital stock 4.96% . Send action person firstly be good at female invest in on December 2, 2016, bought a stock to add up to on April 7, 2017 250 thousand, hold company total capital stock 0.17% .

[answer card + cash buys equity of part of tower hill colliery] industry of Great Harmony coal

Harden reason uncovers secret: Announcement of industry of Great Harmony coal, the financial structure characteristic that considers company oneself integratedly and trade of the other side appeal to to valence beg, the company plans to stop plan issue share to buy property, the Datangda is the same as coal that plans to buy hold of the group that be the same as coal with cash hill colliery limited company 21% equity, trade the price has not decide at present, relevant agreement had be nott上海夜网

ed sign. Up to announcement day, company already colliery of hold tower hill 51% equity. Company stock will begin answer brand on July 21.

[Fujian will advance haven新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

resource conformity in the round] Xiamen nation trade

Harden reason uncovers secret: ” conformity of unifinication of system of Fujian Province haven is overall plan ” obtained government of Fujian provincial Party committee, province to discuss recently through. Fujian will advance haven resource conformity in the round, implement system unifinication reform, in channel on the west north of bank economy area, mid, south makes bay of Fuzhou, Mei continent respectively (fontal city, Pu Tian) , Xiamen 3 big haven, stride the way that Haixite’s lubricious big haven develops.

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