Fujian founds the pay that makes sure without activity of ministry of back pay project the farmer is versed in

Rose last year, the Fuj上海贵族宝贝

ian Province builds municipal, road in project of governmental investment project and newly-built house (high speed) , the construction construction project such as irrigation works, railroad all asks to begin found without activity of ministry of back pay project, up to now project of construction of 400 many construction did not produce event of a baleful back pay, this one practice gets person company department affirms, popularize in the whole nation.

Long-term since, building construction project is the tall hair area that defaults peasant worker pay. Taking a pay to come home spending the New Year is a farmer those who be versed in hardship works one year is the biggest expect, however, the back pay phenomenon that every produce again and again to the end of the year makes a person anxious. Office of the company that save a person concerns chief introduction, in recent years, suffer effect of pressure of economic be issued to lower levels, use labor field plus construction disease of dense of layer upon layer subcontract, the salary that affected worker badly on time f上海夜网论坛

ull specified amount pays.

Before the labor contractor often is done not have with project money worker pay is defaulted for settle accounts, do not have activity of ministry of back pay project through promotion, execute salary and project money d上海千花网论坛

epart, payroll lists Zhang management alone, entrust bank generation to send salary by project ministry, ensured peasant worker pay effectively on上海龙凤论坛sh1f

time full specified amount extends. Afore-mentioned controller introduce, no matter th爱上海

e project makes money, assure peasant worker pay first.

As we have learned, arrive to ensure salary extends in hand of peasant worker worker, found contract by who without activity of ministry of back pay project whose responsible principle, advance a farmer to be versed in real name controls government through all sorts of means, build field of pass in and out to register a system, wait for administrative stand Zhang through building record of worker register, check on work attendance, salary to extend, carry out a farmer to be versed in real name controls informatization government stage by stage.

When paying a farmer labour salary, not be by contractor the hair is put, entrust bank generation to send salary by project ministry however, accomplish a farmer to be versed in pay month clear month writtens guarantee, because problem of back pay of generation of money of project of layer upon layer appropriate and occurrence project money and salary component are not clear,prevent those who cause thereby superintendency difficulty. We are versed in for every farmer the bank gets stuck, salary extends through the labor contractor’s hand no longer, walk from silver directly. Afore-mentioned chief say.

Reach the designated position to ensure mechanism of this one innovation is fulfilled, I save the aggrand阿拉爱上海同城

izement assessment to system of job responsibility of governmental back pay, bring into this governmental performance to test a system. According to the regulation, attend actively to establish the construction company with mobile apparent effect without ministry of back pay project, will be labelled of all kinds judge what judge actor first is preferential recommend an unit; Right already of pay wages security, return via applying for to be able to be returned ahead of schedule. In the meantime, industry director branch launchs construction company found bring into course of study of one’s own profession to examine evaluation system without activity of ministry of back pay project. In Ning De, to raise construction company initiative, the enterprise is begun found an activity to still be sure with inductrial injury link up with of organization danger photograph, will found the job to bring into each county at the same time (city, area) put together is treated in examining.

Besides prevent from fountainhead, the respect is superintended in after the event, back pay of industry employer ill will will face the disaster of bagnio. In recent years, I save the crime that increases pair of baleful back pay to investigate strength, already moved to public security mechanism up to now send be suspected of refus paying case of work reward crime 149.